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Old Friends, New Year, Purple Haze and Kathmandu!2014.04.30

Kathmandu is so overwhelming, so packed with images, that succinct summaries seem almost impossible - certainly inadequate. I'm tempted to say "You'll understand when you get there!" It's a dream. I've never seen anything like it.

Go Big or Go Home!2014.01.04

Play Hard, work hard, go big or go home!

10 Steps to nodejs nirvana in production2013.05.29

We have been using node.js in production environments since a few years now, back when it was still in 0.4. Node.js has sure come a long way since.

Nickle Sitoula's Weblog - niXpace.com2013.04.25

Nickle Sitoula's weblog - it's good be live!